Dasar Hukum Repurchase Agreement

d. Bank Indonesia determines the selling value of the securities on the basis of face value and price in accordance with BI-SSSS. c. The number of days the bank calculates the pension rate payable on a calendar day basis. B. The securities that can be recovered are securities issued by Indonesia Bank, the government and/or other institutions that are regulated by the Banking System Indonesia – Scripless Securities Settlement System. f. The price of securities used for first-phase transactions is equal to the price of the securities used to calculate the second stage transactions. 8.

As soon as this circular comes into force, the provisions relating to the trading of indonesia certificates on the bank`s basis are repealed and cancelled on the applicable secondary market. E. If the bank is unable to meet its obligations at point (d), the bank is subject to OPT sanctions. d. Indonesia Bank applies Hair Cut as a factor in reducing the price of securities c. Temporary suspension of participation in OPT activities for 5 (five) working days in case the Bank is subject to a written reprimand for the cancellation of opt-activity transactions for the third time over a period of 6 (six) months f. In the event that the bank is unable to meet its obligations at the time of the second part of the transaction, the recovered securities are realized as follows: . – FOR ORI included, namely: “Nominal value of securities acquired x (price – haircut) – value of accrued interest b.

Reasps are governed by the principle of sale and buy-back c. Pension transactions (repo) securities transaction is a conditional sale of securities by the bank to Indonesia Bank with a liability, depending on the price and period agreed. Bank Summary Indonesia Legislation – For SBI, SPN and ZCB, namely: Roll value of securities restarted x (price – Hair Cut) c. The interest rate on repo (repo) transactions is valid on the date of the transaction, plus a margin of 300 (three cents) basis points. B. In the event that a repurchase transaction is made on a business day before the public holiday, the date of the repo transaction is the next business day. a. Repo`s operations with Indonesia Bank are intended for commercial banks engaged in conventional commercial activities. – automatic payment of the SBI series before early withdrawal through BI-SSSS funds; and/or c. The second leg settlement value is calculated by: First-Leg-Abwicklungswert – Wert der Bank Indonesia Circular Letter-Transaktionszinsen transaktionzinsen Nummer 10/2/DPM of 31 January 2008 with regard to pension transactions with Indonesia Bank on the secondary market – treatment of the SUN series which was not automatically purchased by the bank as a transaction directly sold via BI-SSSS.