National Trust Reciprocal Agreements

Membership of the National Trust for Scotland is not just the key to Scotland`s treasures. It also opens up to explore a whole world of heritage for members. We have agreements with similar organizations all over the world, which means that NTS members can visit for free. We have listed their websites here to allow you to plan your trip. The National Trust for Canada is proud to be a member of the International Organization of National Trusts (INTO), which today has more than 60 member organizations working together to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of all nations for the good of the world. Wildey Great House ▪ Wildey ▪ St. Michael ▪ BARBADOSTel: `246 4262421 / 436 9033 ▪ Fax: `246 429 funbados.comLa Barbados National Trust was founded in 1961, To preserve the unique heritage of its island home, be it historic buildings, places of natural beauty or the flora and fauna of the island. The Trust is committed to having access to as many of them as possible and actively encourages restoration and conservation. PROPERTIES: The small island of Barbados has not only great natural beauty, but also a wealth of architectural style – from charming cat houses to solid parish churches, from imposing plantation houses to former army barracks and much more – more than 350 years of architectural history.

The Trust manages eight properties and participates in three other properties. We are members of the NT. During the visit of NT-Real Estate, we met many Aussies, Americans, Italians, who are members of organizations with reciprocal rights. Fantastic airtime on your behalf. NT is a wonderful organization, if you contact them before your visit, they will deliver their manual and map. Although most of the information you can search for on Google, I find these two very convenient. The International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) is a global family of national trusts and similar organizations that share your expertise and play the role of global voice for the protection of international nature. We are proud to be one of the founders of INTO, which today has more than 60 member organizations working together to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of all nations for the good of the world.” As a member of the National Trust, you can visit other cultural heritage sites around the world for free – the organizations are listed below on this page. Please note that most Barbados Trust websites have a reduced entry fee, but websites are not managed directly by the Trust, there is no free entry.

Antrim House ▪ 63 Boulcott Street ▪ P.O. Box 2629 ▪ Wellington ▪ NEW ZEALANDTel: 04 472 4341 (Overseas: `64 472 4341) ▪ Fax 4341 499 0669 (Overseas: 64 4 499 0669) New Zealand Historic Places Trust (Pouhere Taonga) is a non-profit trust, created in 1954 by an Act of Parliament. It is currently headed by a Maori Board of Directors and a Maori Heritage Council. The trust`s mission is to promote the identification, protection, conservation and conservation of New Zealand`s historical and cultural heritage. The peculiarities of the new Zealand country and buildings are important to the way New Zealanders organize their communities; social, economic, aesthetic and cultural.