Nodding Head In Agreement Gif

In an article entitled “Did You Know the Nodding Meme Guy Is Robert Freakin` Redford???,” the article revealed the truth behind the meme. It turns out that the GIF of the man who nodded was not Zach Galifianakis, as many people suspected, or just “a few nice lumberjack hikes,” as the author of the article wrote, but the Oscar-winning director, activist and the natural star Robert Redford. You`ve probably already stumbled upon this meme: a bearded man who nods in a direct thank you show with a smile. If you spend enough time on the Internet, you`ll end up running into a GIF of a grumpy, bearded miner who smiles and nods as the camera zooms in on his face. The GIF often appears used on Twitter to show consent to a tweet. It was just one of those GIFs that lived on the Internet and were just waiting to be used in response to a tweet or to send a text to a friend. Then, in an article published Tuesday, Splinter News blew it all away. The GIF was taken by the scene in the 1972 jeremiat Johnson, according to Know Your Meme, the website that serves as a website for the details behind the memes and viral GIFs that move on the Internet. The so-called Nodding-Mann even has been around since at least 2012.

Of course, many, many people on the Internet already knew this and can`t understand how other people missed the memo. A scene from the film shows Redford nodding as the camera zooms closer to his face. We agree if we want to say yes, if we want to express our agreement and support. It`s a positive gesture that generates something good. Use it in your internet communication! We gathered 80 animated GIFs from the head. Famous people use this gesture, so nodding is appropriate for you. Free download! Send via Facebook or Whatsapp. [7] Twitter Moments – PSA The `nodding meme guy` is Robert Redford, not Zach Galifianakis Database Moderator – Karma Philanthropist – Meme Taxonomist – Fleet Admiral – Amish The sergeant thinks there`s nothing wrong. A barely perceptible nod, offered by a fierce man. Suitable for permission if your friend wants to come to you The GIF is already in circulation in 2012, says Know Your Meme.