Sto Contractual Agreement

Within Stocard, only those who need access to your data to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations will be put in place. An extension of the trip or an extended stay at the destination is possible after confirmation of the appointment and price agreement with Maarten`s Travels, provided the corresponding extension and accommodation options are available. Maarten`s Travels is responsible for meeting its contractual obligations, the extent of the services described in the catalogue or related travel offers. The data contained in the travel offer is the basis of the contract. i. nature of the relationship. In the implementation of this agreement, STO Responsible and Purchaser act as independent contractors and each party is committed to fulfilling an obligation of the other, whether candidate or contractual, or to assume responsibility for the activity or activity of the other. STO Responsible can sell similar products to third parties without restriction. Nothing in these circumstances is considered a partnership or joint venture between STO Responsible and Purchaser.

Neither party has the power to enter into a contract or create an obligation or liability on behalf of the other party. STO officials and purchasers separately assume full responsibility for obligations arising from employer liability, work allowance, social security, unemployment insurance, labour protection laws and health administration laws, as well as other laws relating to their own employees or employees in rentals. We process and store your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations. We have to take into account that our business relationship is an obligation that has existed for years. A claim for compensation against Maarten`s travel is limited or excluded under international or legal agreements. It refers to the legal provisions. 6.3 Contractual rights must be granted in writing to Maartenes within one month of the end of the contractual journey. At the end of this period, contractual rights can only be invoked if the traveller has been prevented from respecting the time line without fault. 4.5.1 In the event of non-compliance with a minimum number of participants, Maarten`s Travels has the right to cancel the visit up to 21 days before departure.

In this case, the traveller immediately receives payments for the price of the trip. Any withdrawal or cancellation of the trip should be reported immediately to the guests of the trip. There is no withdrawal of Maartene`s trip if Maartens Voyage is responsible for the circumstances leading to the cancellation or if the evidence is not provided by Maartene`s travels. Maarten`s Travels has the right to terminate the contract immediately if the customer does not comply with contractual obligations.