Virginia Tech Transfer Agreement

Students are guaranteed to be admitted to the College of Engineering after graduating from the transferable engineering association VCCS or the science associate with an engineering degree with a cumulative degree of 3.2. Please note that the Science Associate, which focuses on computer science, is not applicable to this contract. Learn how to transfer your TCC courses to: Virginia Tech. Please read the guidelines for the transfer of students from Virginia Community College. Virginia Education Wizard – Transfer The Virginia Community College System`s interactive assistant can help you move to a four-year university. Please contact your local Community College, the Bureau of Undergraduate Admissions at Virginia Tech or transfer coordinators at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Engineering at Virginia Tech for details and specific questions. Find out what impact the government`s transfer policy can have on you and find a link to the Liberal Education Guide Program. Our extensive databases with previously evaluated transfer courses are a valuable resource for determining whether your courses are being transferred to Virginia Tech. The transfer module is considered a whole, not a course mode. Students who do not have transferable credits for the entire module will have their registration information evaluated from one course to another and will be able to see gaps in the completion of The General Education of Virginia Tech (Program for Liberal Education) based on the selected courses.

Similarly, students already enrolled at Virginia Tech should apply course-by-course rules and not expect parts of the transfer module to be transferred as specific components of Curriculum for Liberal Education. As stated in Sections III, F and G of STATE POLICY ON TRANSFER, students with transfer module credits may still be required to take specific courses for general (or minor) requirements, even if they overlap in the areas of general education (liberal education curriculum). Students who do not yet have a diploma or transfer module can continue to switch to Virginia Tech. The transfer guide contains complete information about the transfer to the university. Look for courses that are broadcast by two-year schools outside the Virginia Community College system or by 4-year-old schools that have been previously evaluated. In accordance with the transfer policy, students who complete their bachelor`s degree by enrolling in a Virginia community college or Richard Bland College obtain a degree with associate degrees based on a bachelor`s degree course sequence and who obtain admission to Virginia Tech a junior level status upon admission. In addition, these students will have met some of the requirements of general education university courses; However, it may take more than two years for these students to graduate due to important conditions and other circumstances or requirements. Admission preference is given to transfer students who have completed an A.A., A.S., or A.A.S. (Associate in Arts and Sciences) at Virginia Community College System or Richard Bland College.

While some applied science associate courses may be transferred from a Virginia community college or from Richard Bland College to Virginia Tech, the Applied Science Associate does not change.