Agreement Between The Pope And The Ruler Of A Country

Henry V died in 1125, three years after the concordat, without heirs. He had appointed his nephew Frederick von Staufen, Duke of Swabia, also known as Frederick II, Duke of Swabia, to succeed him. Instead, the churchmen chose Lothar II. A long civil war broke out between the Staufen, also known as Staufer`s followers, and the heirs of Lothar III. The result was the Staufer Frederick I 1152-1190, who came to power. [22] Meanwhile, Pope P√Ęchali II and King Henry I of England also fought a brief but important investiture battle from 1103 to 1107. The earlier resolution of this conflict, the London Concordat, was very similar to the Worms Concordat. Because of these combined factors, Henry IV had no choice but to give in and take time to gather his armed forces to fight the rebellion.